Sunday, October 14, 2007

CULEBRA meets "Pizzakobra" at IGUZZINI presentation

Vice. SOME BEERS, laughs, last minute preparation for the Culebra Snake attack ...

20:10 Culebra heads towards the FAD. The presentation and exhibition is for members and guests only. We have decided to arrive at the conference late, no one is guarding the entrance and we can go in without being noticed. Great luck! Well, we planned it this way… We’re inside, everyone is upstairs in the conference room.

20:27 The general director of Iguzzini begins the presentation with designer Ron Arad’s latest lamp, the Pizzakobra. According to Ron Arad, his friend and designer Javier Mariscal (right there in the first row), - “More than a pizza, it looks like an “ensaimada” (typical sweet coiled pastry from Mallorca)”, but, you know, in the end Italians wind up blamed for everything…

20:30 The drag continues and publicity is the main dish.

20:35 Ron Arad and one too many introduces:

- “… Ohhhh !! I’m so sorry, I haven’t prepared anything… yesterday evening I was told I had to speak… but well, OK, because IGUZZINI asked me to”…

-“ These are my projects based on spirals… chairs in the shape of a spiral, tables, stools, bridges…bla, bla, bla. Anyway, spirals, spirals and more spirals…”

We’re a bit dizzy from so many spirals………

21:00 Culebra snake begins to lose patience, it wants to meet the PizzaKobra… and it’s creator Ronny…

21:20 End of the presentation, ufff… we are so happy we can all finally have a drink, all of us “together”. Downstairs immediately to the happening.

21:22 Arrival at the happening. National and international figures of the design world gather in the exhibition hall. As usual, all the nobodies gather around Ron Arad and any other “celebrity”.

21:25 Mmmmm… as usual, free food and drinks always taste better… After some pizzas (not round), and a few empty glasses, our stomachs feel better so we decide to introduce our good friend, the Snake Culebra. How will they react?

21:30 Culebra cannot stand it anymore, she wants to meet Kobra and knows her time has come, so no more go-betweens and nonsense, she decides to take the iniciative and glides by stealthily amidst the crowd introducing herself directly to Ron Arad.

- “Hi, we are….. bla blaaaa blaaa.” It seems like they are going to become good friends! And finally, we take a picture!

21:30 – 22:30 Culebra Snake decides to move right next to PizzaKobra, just to keep her company.

People like to meet Culebra, they flatter her, touch her, ask her phone number…

1 hour- The Culebra Snake has been standing next to her friend Kobra for ONE WHOLE HOUR! (Iguzzini general director and Iguzzini manager Spain have seen her, who knows, maybe they thought she needed company!),

22.30 Culebra is leaving, she has spent a wonderful moment next to her new friend Pizzakobra and it is now time to go on her way…

22.32+++ It could be that Culebra was closer to IGUZZINI than we thought… We will know in later chapters of Culebra’s story, friend of the night and of travelers ...


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Crazy guys, you are on!

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